Jumbo polka dot satin scrunchie


Jumbo polka dot satin scrunchie

Soft light weight satin hair scrunchie to compliment your hair and hairstyles. This extra large scrunchie is made from an excellent quality printed satin fabric. Our satin scrunchie is gentle on the hair, it has a slippery feel which reduces friction, pulling, tension, tangles and hair breakage. Wearing satin scrunchies reduces frizz, split ends or dryness.

Our beautiful collection of oversized trendy satin scrunchies are perfect for holding your hair up or back in a ponytail or bun. All of our scrunchies are made from high-quality satin fabric.

The scrunchie can wrap around the hair approximately 2-3 times depending on the thickness of the hair. Ideal for all hair types.


Printed satin, polyester and elastic.

Care instructions:

Hand wash separately or gentle machine wash with a gentle detergent.
Place in delicates wash bag and wash on a gentle circle with like colours.
Do not bleach.
Air dry in shade.